Campo Aventura as a factor for change! !

We believe that the essence of children and young people has not changed that much over the decades, what has actually changed is the supply and purchasing power of families, therefore, access to technology has become present and transversal in all ages of growth, often compromising the most basic skills.

For us, the connection to nature, reality, values and real, day-to-day learning are essential to create healthy adults who are able to deal with frustration and the challenges of life, understanding that scrolling screens, the ease with which you change content, the filters of applications, are anything but the reality of tomorrow.

More than ever, holiday camps are important for our young people, being the ideal place to experience, grow, meet new young people, create bonds, create their own autonomy and above all, being away from technologies, live together in a unique, unfiltered delivery.

With a unique and innovative concept – LEARN & FUN, Campo Aventura guarantees a deep and transforming experience to all those who have the opportunity to live and enjoy the days in the camp. More than FUN activities, our work lies in the acquisition of skills in the field of socialization, acquisition and sedimentation of social skills, contact with nature, wrapped in a “back to basics” philosophy.
With a multidisciplinary team, dedicated 100%, Campo Aventura offers a unique and transforming work model that over the 26 years has touched and marked the lives of thousands of families.

At Campo Aventura Junior Resort, Holiday Camps are exclusive, fantastic and unforgettable!


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Dates for Summer Camp 2024

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