How do our summer Camps work?
What should you send in your child’s suitcase?

Campo Aventura has prepared a guiding list where you can check all this information in detail.
Schedules, advice, questions, among many other details and other important information.

What are considered School Programs?

They take place throughout the year and last from 1 to 4/ 5 days, children/young people come with the school teachers or responsible for the institution. There are activities for children over 3 years old and our monitors accompany them 24/day.


What are considered Summer Camps?

They take place during two different periods: Summer and Easter, with a minimum duration of 7 days and a maximum of 14 days, with overnight stay and activities included. Young people are enrolled individually by their guardians and are placed in a group relative to their age, with a group from 6 to 9, 10 to 12, 13 to 15 and 16 to 18 years old. The coordinators/monitors are with  them 24h/day and are responsible for the children’s stay in our space, having the responsibility to give your child a familiar environment during this period.

As a parent, you will  know your child and will know the “right time”, however, Campo Aventura welcomes children at the Summer/ holiday Camp for a period of 7 or 14 days between the ages of 6 and 18 years old.

Campo Aventura distributes its participants into four distinct groups: 6 to 9 years old, 10 to 12 years old, 13 to 15 years old and 16 to 18 years old. Bear in mind that participants will be placed in a group, according to their age at the time that the holiday camp takes place.

Each of the groups will be accompanied by a team from Campo Aventura, each headed by a coordinator.

The teams will be formed in the proportion of 1 monitor for every 6 participants for ages up to 9 years old, 1 monitor for every 10 participants for ages between 10 and 18 years old. The teams are made up of entertainers, technicians, and monitors responsible for all dynamization of activities, as well as the supervision of participants (meals, baths, overnight stays in the dormitories, etc.).


Note: Participants can only change age group (eg, join the middle group, if their age corresponds to the “youngest” group), upon authorization from the parent (Declaration B) and prior acceptance by the Summer Camp. The notice must be given at least 15 days before the start of the holiday

Summer/ Holiday  camps are important for the development of young people, they give them the opportunity to meet new young people, create bonds, create their own autonomy and, above all, help them to create a foundation for life.

There are several reasons that lead parents to seek Campo Aventura: Many do it for their children to become more independent, so that they “grow up”, acquiring maturity, in summary, for them to  “cut the umbilical cord” with their parents.

However, it is also during school holidays, with parents still working that they feel an urge  to occupy their children/young people,so  they look for a safe place, with outdoor activities, thus avoiding consoles or traditional PC games, and so they find  Campo Aventura.

Breaking the routine and providing a set of new experiences reveals the importance of the Summer Camps and their benefits.

Campo Aventura has its very own philosophy, passing on to young people all the values it believes in and it defends. It is important to give continuity to school and home affairs when they are with us.

Obeying rules is of paramount importance and from an early stage everyone understands “Country Living” . We care for professionalism and the need to have new experiences throughout our lives, so that we can grow in a balanced way.

Learning to share, to “be close to”, to overcome fears and/or frights is inherent to the activities developed by Campo Aventura.

With unique facilities within Europe, Campo Aventura provides all its customers with an 

exceptional and excellent environment.


The Water Space delights visitors, as well as the XRoom, Multipurpose Pavilion, the Auditorium, among many other spaces that complement the stay at Campo Aventura Júnior Resort.


We also have two dining spaces, the Margarita Restaurant and the Ritrovo Pizza restaurant!

For the overnight stay, participants use the Happy Hotel, Orchid, Daisy, Jasmine, Lavender and Broom Rooms (Rooms have a capacity between 4 and 12 beds).

A theme that fills us and to which we put a lot of effort!
At Campo Aventura, safety is one of our highest priorities.



The entrances to our space is limited and properly controlled, the entire area being fenced in and with video surveillance devices that cover the entire space. We also have systems for fire and theft control.
We also have in our facilities the EAD – External Automatic Defibrillator program so that we can be at the base of prevention.
The pool is also fully fenced and there is strict control, once in operation, there are at least 2 monitors permanently under surveillance.
We value the removal of critical points, giving priority to prevention with regard to all safety issues.




Campo Aventura has implemented the HACCP (
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point)  process at its facilities, carrying out periodic audits under the responsibility of the person in charge of the food area.




All activities are carried out by accredited technicians, using certified materials, corresponding to standard CE07197.

The vast majority of activities are carried out at Campo Aventura premises, however, there are some that take place outside, such as: Peddy Paper; Speleology, Surfing, External Orientation, among others.
In this type of activities, the participants are accompanied by all the team members who watch over them and who remain within the framework of Campo Aventura’s security plan.

Upon arrival at Campo Aventura, participants are logded in the Happy Hotel, in their rooms, being divided according to group/school, gender and age.

Check in is done from 14:00 and Check Out until 12:00 We have dormitories with a capacity of 4,6, 8 and 12 participants, with individual lockers for the storage of luggage

For children up to 10 years of age, the timetable will be between 22:00 and 22:30, for young people over the age of 10, the time will be between 22:30 and 23:30, depending on the night’s activity.

After a day of activities, a good night’s sleep will help restore the spent energy.

So that our participants do not fall short of anything, Campo Aventura recommends practical and comfortable clothing:

– Waterproof coat, if adverse conditions are anticipated
– Boots, sneakers and another pair of shoes
– Socks – *
– Underwear –  *
– Sweat-shirt –  *
– T-Shirts – 1 per day
– Cap
– sleeping bag
– Trousers –  *
– Shorts – *
– Pyjamas
– Swimsuit / Towel / Swimming trunks
– Damaged or older clothes and shoes for the speleology activity (if included in the program)
– Hygiene products (beach and bath towel/ slippers/- shampoo/ soap/ tooth paste and toothbrush/ deodorant/ brush/ others)
– Sunscreen
Option: Camera / Flask / CD’s of your choice to liven up parties and free time

Do not bring: Tobacco/Alcohol/Drugs
* – enough of….for the days spent at Campo Aventura.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Campo Aventura is not responsible for the loss, damage or disappearance of any kind of belongings, advising the identification of all items belonging and brought to the camp by the participants.

From the moment your children enter this space, our greatest concern is their well-being, and based on this objective, all our efforts and energies are engaged.

ENTRY TIME INTO THE HOLIDAY CAMPS: Between 14:00 and 16:00


VISITING TIME ON PARENTS DAY (Only for 14-day programs corresponding to the intermediate Sunday): Between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm

If your child is attending the 14-day stay, on the intermediate Sunday, there is “Parents Day”. On this day all those responsible for the children (parents, guardians and so on) will have to sign an authorization form for the outing of their children. Children can leave Campo Aventura in the company of someone other than the guardian, only and only, with written authorization.
We beg parents not enter the space reserved for activities without authorization from our STAFF for the following reasons:
Your children’s safety. On this particular day we are visited by hundreds of people, making it impossible to control them one by one.
In this sense, and to prevent the entry of strangers with dubious intentions into this space, we decided that this would be the most effective way to manage the entries and exits to the premises.

Some of the participants who are within our facilities are not visited by their family and friends and as such their colleagues going out can destabilize their well-being, sometimes giving rise to situations of great suffering for the children.
Although for many this is a free day, when they go out with parents and family, it is necessary to have a set of activities planned and prepared to develop with the children who remain inside with us, either during part of the day or throughout the day. Thus, the entry of parents and family members interferes with the normal course of activities, breaking their rhythm, which ends up conditioning all planned activities.

Our food continues wonderful …
Our menus are delicious, homemade, fresh and offer a possibility of choice.
Now Campo Aventura has two distinct spaces:
Ritrovo Pizza Restaurant & Margarita Restaurant

The customer can choose in which of the two restaurants to have the meal!
Campo Aventura is concerned and always pays attention to your child’s diet, encouraging them to eat well and try new dishes whenever necessary.

In case you need specific nutritional care on medical advice, please inform us as soon as possible so we can cater for your child according to the particular needs.

We advise that children bring their belongings properly identified and that they avoid bringing items such as: playstation, electronic games, mobile phones, etc.

All valuables (camera, mobile phone, money or other items considered of value) will be given to the coordinator on the 1st day at the camp , who will be responsible for them.

In case valuable items remain with the participant (this is possible only for mp3 players and money, and excludes mobile phones from this possibility) the coordinator ceases to have any responsibility over these items if they disappear.

All other objects, Campo Aventura advises their identification and is not responsible for loss, damage or disappearance of any type of possessions.
There is also the Camp Shopping, a space where young people can buy “souvenirs” (t-shirts/ mugs/ caps/ bags/ among many other novelties), chocolates, cookies, drinks or ice cream.

Campo Aventura has on its premises a first aid room, open 24 hours a day. In addition, all monitors are trained first aiders and whenever “superficial” cases/ailments occur, they intervene.

In case they require more professional care, Campo Aventura goes to Caldas da Rainha Hospital, where the pediatric unit has deserved our highest praise.

As for any medications/ diseases and/or deficiencies, they should be mentioned previously so that we can always act in the most correct way, aware of all the necessary precautions. Many situations can interfere with the child’s behavior during the period of their stay at Campo Aventura, please let us know so that we can help in the best possible way (birth of a sibling, night enuresis, anorexia, etc).
The information will always be confidential and treated with the greatest sensitivity.

With school programs you can contact your child every day that they are at Campo Aventura. Although mobile phones and/or smartwatches calls are not allowed during the course of activities, between 19:00 and 21:00 you can get in direct contact with your child by cell phone (which will be given to your child at that particular moment) or via the coordinator/ monitor’s mobile phone.

Note: That the timetable for mobile phone calls, may change depending on the activities to be carried out each day.

With Summer/ Holiday Camps:
You can contact your child every day that they are at Campo Aventura. Although cell phones and/or smartwatches calls are not allowed during the course of the activities, between 19:00 and 21:00 you can get in direct contact with your child via mobile phone (which will be given to your child at that particular moment) or via the coordinator’s mobile phone number, which will be given to your child that day when the daily activities start.
Note: That the timetable for mobile phone calls may change depending on the activities to be carried out each day.
In case of an emergency you can always contact our offices between 9am and 6pm.
There is also a telephone box available for young people to use in Campo Aventura premises.

* In order for mobile phones, smartwatches and valuables (wallet, mp3, etc) to be safe, the group coordinators collect them on the 1st day of activities keeping them in a safe place.

If a mobile phone is found in the participant’s possession during the period of their stay outside the period allowed, the participant is asked to leave the holiday camp.

All valuables (camera, mobile phone, money or other items considered to be of value) must be given to the coordinator on the 1st day at the Camp, it’s his/ her responsibility to look after them.

If valuables remain with the participant, the coordinator ceases to have any responsibility for their disappearance.
• All other items, Campo Aventura strongly advises identification and cannot be hold responsible for loss, damage or misplacement of any kind of property.
• Can the Program be altered? also to note that the plan of activities may change, due to external factors or Interests of the participants (weather conditions, lack of security, delay in transport, a specific event of interest, etc.). That is part of the the responsibility of the coordinator for each group.
• Campo Aventura requests the filling out of an authorization form to be able to film and photograph participants on their activities with the aim of promoting the company, for catalogues, website, etc. Failure to complete it is considered as authorized by the responsible person for that child.
•Mobile phones are not allowed during the course of activities. Thus, they will only be allowed between 19:00 and 21:00.
• It is forbidden to bring alcohol, tobacco or drugs,
• Participants, even adults, are not allowed to smoke during their stay at Campo Aventura. Smoking is prohibited inside Campo Aventura’s space.

NOTE: Participants who do not comply with what is described with the above will be automatically invited to leave Campo Aventura without any refund.

In order to book your child or your school holiday   at the holiday camp , please contact the commercial department: ([email protected]) or +351 262 968 870/+351 91 935 29 98

Check the availability for the desired dates, and bear in mind that the information given to you does not guarantee your reservation until the entire procedure has been completed.

To make your reservation correctly , please proceed as follows:
After receiving the documentation, you must send the corresponding documents by fax, e-mail or letter.

School Programs:

You must send the  Reservation Form and Information form signed,  to Campo Aventura.
NOTE: In order for the reservation to be considered valid, it is necessary to make the reservation payment, mentioned  in the content of the proposal.
Note: Reservations for school programs can be made by Cheque or ATM Reference or Bank Transfer.

Holiday Camps:

To proceed with the reservation of your child, you must carry out the following procedure:
Check the availability of Campo Aventura by phone or by email for the desired date and program;

  • Make the reservation via fax, e-mail or letter, indicating the number of participants, the corresponding ID, the program and the desired dates and lenght;
  • Upon approval  from our services regarding your reservation, you will have a maximum of 5 days to make a payment of 50% of the total amount per participant, which must be sent with the corresponding documents *.
  • The second payment will only be made nearer to the date of entry (15 days before) at Campo Aventura, and the respective discounts* will only be made on the 2nd part of the payment.

If the reservation is not made within the parameters provided (sending all documents), Campo Aventura does not guarantee your reservation as definitive.


Documents for the reservation:

  • Application form;
  • Authorization Form
  • Use of Images declaration
  • Information Form
  • Copy of the Health Card;
  • Copy of Identity Card or Citizen’s Card;
  • Authorization from the guardian in case of divorce;
  • 2 passport photos (to be brought only on the day of entry into the Summer Camp)

Extra Documents:

  • Declaration A – Whenever the child has to be taken by someone other than the parent or guardian on the day of Entry and/or Exit. Please complete this declaration.
  • Statement B – Participants can only change age group (eg, join the middle group, with their age corresponding to the groups of “young people”), upon authorization of the parent or guardian and acceptance by Campo Aventura. The notice will have to be carried out in a minimum period of 15 days before the start of the activities at the Camp. Holiday camp reservations can be made by Cheque or ATM Reference. If the reservation is not made within the parameters provided (sending all documents), Campo Aventura does not guarantee your reservation as definitive.

At Campo Aventura, returns, withdrawals or cancellations comply with the following rules:
Up to 45 days before the start of the activities – Full refund
45 to 30 days before the start of the activities – 50% refund
Less than 30 days from the start of the activities – No refund

At the Summer Camps, children who leave during the first two days of their stay, may return in the same year in any other date, as long as there is availability at Campo Aventura. In these cases, no refund.

NOTE: Withdrawal, due to proven unforeseen circumstances, entitles you to a refund of 50% of the registration fee, if communicated up to one week before the start of the Camp, in which the registration was made. After that date, there will be no refund.

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