Quality and Innovation
A new concept!

The number one Junior Resort in Europe

Faithful to our essence, we continue betting on the future, and now in a more dynamic and totally innovative way.

We take the commitment to sustainability, which has always been granted and assumed, to another level.
We are now embracing a sustainability project in a much broader and deeper level, which will not only completely change our way of being but, it will also be reflected in the offer of our programs. Now, more than FUN, we assume LEARN as an integrated offer of our programs.

At our premises, we started a process in order to have a negative ecological footprint, from the production of electricity to100% to the zero waste program, going through the consumption of recyclable and sustainable water, with changes on the menu which is based on local production, the visual change with educational impact, the free exchange store, the production of our gardens and chicken coops, among many other experiences directly related to sustainability.

fun & learn

School Trips

FOR TOMORROW’s main objective is to raise awareness among children and young people for the change.

Our programs can now include one or more modules:

We want each individual to become the engine for the change.

Through the acquired learning from all the experiences carried out by them, and as such they can take them home, to school and to their social environment, as they are objective tools which are essential for a more sustainable tomorrow

2024 will surprise...

Summer Camps

Once again, we continue to bet on the future, always focused on quality, safety and innovation.

Campo Aventura has now integrated into its summer camps an innovative and exclusive concept that links FUN & LEARN.

We are committed to change, and as such, we have focused on sustainability as a whole.

The commitment to zero waste, our vegetable gardens, our chicken coops, the production of our own electricity, the total use of water, and so many other novelties are just some of the many new features for 2024.

26 years of history

Campo Aventura is a tourist entertainment company and summer camp, based in Olho Marinho – Óbidos, which for many years strives to do work of quality and distinction, being currently recognized both nationally and internationally.

It is undoubtedly a family project, which has always been based on a philosophy of values in which the Reis family believes, and which is visible in all the programs and activities it designs, as well as in the way it works.

“Every day we feel the responsibility that parents grant us, and we’re happy about it! As parents too, we are well aware how it is not always easy to choose a place in which we can entrust our children, therefore working with a policy of prevention and excellence, always guaranteeing customer satisfaction.”

Why choose C.A.?

Campo Aventura is chosen by its customers for the quality and excellence of services it offers, a unique space at a European level.

More than ever, our customers are looking for a space that meets all health and safety standards.

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