Our Mission

Campo Aventura was created to serve others, offering school programs, holiday camps and end of school trips in an environment where nature is the scenery and at the same time its accomplice. With our experience and prestige, we provide unique experiences and unforgettable moments, which help to solidify the personality and character of our young participants.


We believe in the future
We are committed to offering the best programs where dreams come true.
Always betting in innovation, we remain focused on offering innovative and high-value activities.


Love, solidarity, humbleness, determination, honesty, perseverance, responsibility, gratitude, loyalty… These are the values we believe in, that guide us and make us feel proud of what we do.


The environment and sustainability have always been part of our company’s culture, we have been innovating over the years, always assuming a commitment to stability with what surrounds us, it’s not enough, it’s not at all enough!

We will be taking further the commitment to sustainability, which has always been assumed, and, it will be taken to another level. We are now embracing a sustainability project at a much broader and deeper level, which will not only completely change our way of being, but it will also be reflected in the offer of our programs. Now, in addition to FUN, we assume LEARN as an integrated part of our programs.

Within our facilities, we have started a process in order to have a negative ecological footprint, as from the production of our own electricity to100%, to the zero waste program, from the consumption of recyclable and sustainable water, with certain alterations based on local production, also visual changes with educational impact, the free exchange store and the produce of our gardens and chicken coops, among many other experiences in the sustainability aspect.