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School Programmes

Our main goal, as well as schools, is to increase the potential of all children by giving them new and challenging experiences while they are with us.

We provide fun outdoor activities, including academic and educational aspects, as a continuation of school and family work.

Today, we are the first company world wide to join FUN and LEARN in one concept.!
We have also committed ourselves to the United Nations goals for 2020 – 2030, a commitment focused on saving the planet and contributing to a better tomorrow.

Campo Aventura offers in its programs the following modules: ENERGY, AQUA, FOOD, BUILD & LAND that can be integrated in thematic and adventure programs.

FUN & LEARN are now the new paradigm.
Each and every one of our activities has a major purpose, an academic and personal meaning!
We help students to understand their own strengths and limitations, identify goals and devising strategies for personal growth and, through group challenges, we help to develop group spirit in each participant.
Our activities give them a big sense of awareness of themselves as being part of a community with self responsibilities towards others, and also towards the environment.

What kind of programs do we offer?

Besides our Summer Camps, during Holiday breaks, Campo Aventura also provides School Trips, according to what the school is looking for or its curriculum – Cultural, Activities, Sports, Service and much more!

By the time our program ends, participants will have:

  • Undertaken new challenges;
  • Panned and initiated activities;
  • Worked in collaboration with others, and rise the spirit of the group;
  • Increase the awareness of their own strengths and areas for growth;
  • Shown perseverance and commitment in their activities;
  • Engaged global important issues (environmental concerns);
  • Considered the ethical implications of their actions;
  • Developed new skills

We know the responsibility our work requires. We work with what’s most important in the world: children. By sharing such responsibilities, we always have adopted measures that translate into tight security protocols and continuous training.

The statistics and our clients’ preference prove that our security policy has been crowned with success.

We offer you and your pupils:

  • 24h supervision;
  • The entrance in our space is always limited and well controlled;
  • The whole area is fenced and equipped with devices to control fire and theft;
  • The pool is all fenced with a vigorous control. When in use, there are 2 monitors permanently watching;
  • We value the removal of critical points, and we give priority to prevention in all matters of security;
  • A rigorous and exhaustive control in selection and recruitment of monitors;
  • Staff with first aid training;
  • DAE – Campo Aventura is equipped with an automated external defibrillator;
  • Staff with permanent and continuous training; 
  • International security protocol activit (IPSA);
  • Initial protocol Radio recording (IPRR);
  • HACCP ;
  • Fire control devices;
  • Suppliers certification control.


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