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Working at Campo Aventura, Junior Resort is indeed an enriching experience for life. We invest early in our multidisciplinary teams and believe that the exchange of experiences among the "young professionals" will most certainly make a difference in the future.

How to Join Us?



1. To be part of Campo Aventura Family Staff, you must apply between September 1st 2017 and January 15th, 2018;
2. Send an email to geral@campoaventura.pt with a short text justifying your interest / motivation in belonging to our Staff , attaching your CV;
3. If you're selected, Campo Aventura will send a small form that you shall send back properly filled;
4. If you are selected, Campo Aventura will schedule an interview.
5. Being selected, you'll be trained so that, in the future, you can be part of our team.


To do an internship with CA it is mandatory to be part of a selection process.
If you're interested, please contact our offices to geral@campoaventura.

PS: Internships and volunteering have a minimum duration of 1 month.

Campo Aventura provides accommodation, food, training, a certificate of internship / volunteer and / or letter of recommendation (when deserved).

"The most precious gift that you can give to someone is your time! By giving your time, you’re giving a part of your life!"

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