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American International School of Vilnius, Lithuania

Very organized, especially given the high volume of students. Friendly, helpful staff. Excellent efforts to meet all dietary requirements of the group (thank you!).  The bread is delicious and when traveling out of campus sandwiches worked fine.  The activities which "belonged" to the camp (like speleology, paintball, high ropes) were well organized and delivered. Overall, the group was very pleased with the experience and will definitely consider this as an option for next year.  


John Fitzgerland Kennedy International School, Switzerland

All students liked at least some of the activities - some rated 10/10.  Students enjoyed Joanne and David.
The individual accommodation for teachers was good. General facilities were good. Food was good. Organisation was excellent.

International Christian School, Hong Kong

I want to start by saying what a great time we had in Portugal and at Campo Aventura.  We saw a lot of the country and did many different activities at the camp that were wonderful.  The students really had a good time and learned a lot about your country and your culture.  It was a very memorable experience.
We really enjoyed being able to go and visit different sites in Portugal.  Students commented on how much the enjoyed visiting Nazare, Lisbon, Obidos and Caldas da Rainha. Obidos was a fascinating place, and more time could easily be spent there.  We really liked the service opportunity with the elderly home and kindergarten. The camp counselors were amazing.  Joana, David, Miguel and Ricardo were fantastic.  The students really bonded with them and enjoyed getting to know them.  The counselors were organized, personable, full of good ideas, and flexible.  They made the trip all that more enjoyable.  Student commented on how hard it was to say goodbye to them. We really don't have any complaints about our trip. Of course next year, there may be more younger students, so that would affect the itinerary.  That is another thing I really appreciate about Campo Aventura...your flexibility.  It really was a great trip.  Please pass along my gratitude to Joana, David, Miguel and Ricardo.  They were absolutely amazing. 
Thanks for all your work and help.  I hope our paths cross again sometime. 


Bahrain Bayan School, Bahrain

During this trip and the most thing that stayed in everyone's memory is the hospitality and the kindness of the Portuguese people even in the custom service at the airport. 
The program was well tailored and well executed especially the days where we went to Lisbon. The best day ever was the 3 km walk on the mountain near the ocean and the overnight camp. Students had lots of challenging activities that allowed them to explore their real potential and made them feel more confident. Students also loved every single activity at the Campo Aventura. Many thanks to Rodolfo, Ricardo and his awesome team. Thank you Campo Aventura and looking forward for future collaboration. 


International School of Zurich North, Switzerland

Words are not enough to describe such an experience, as our school had in Campo Aventura! Our autumn trip there has left both students and teachers full of sweet memories. We were impressed by how passionately and professionally the staff managed our visit; always kind and friendly, smiling and willing to help, guide, and motivate the students during all activities. Moreover, we have appreciated deeply all their efforts to remain flexible and adapt to our requests, despite the diversity of student ages in our group; we’ll never forget the surprise birthday party they helped us organise for one of our students! The facilities of the camp exceeded our expectations; the rooms were very clean and cosy, and added to the whole camp atmosphere. The restaurants and the food were great, covering every different taste we might have, and that’s quite a challenge for an international school like ours, with diverse food preferences. Finally, all activity infrastructures have very high quality and safety standards; this in combination with the beautiful weather, have made every single activity even more enjoyable! The trips outside the Campo were very well organised (modern buses, snacks, guidance), and covered all of our needs, from tasting traditional Portuguese food, to surf lessons and sightseeing. We highly recommend Campo Aventura to other schools, and we’d love to go back for another unforgettable week! Once again, we’d like to thank every single person there, making Campo Aventura what it is!

Al Hekma International School, Qatar

On behalf of Al Hekma International School, and our Student Council, I wish to thank you for the outstanding job you did during our recent visit to Portugal. Our students and teachers had a lovely experience. Your team's welcoming, warmth and friendly attitude made us feel at home from the moment we set foot at Campo Aventura.
Mr. Rodolfo and his staff members were always professional and effective in providing our students with a rich and fun experience with activities that engaged everyone. I would like to to highlight that under Joana's able supervision - Ana, Catarina, Carolina, Miguel and Ricardo - were a constant and motivating presence thourhgout our stay and they did an outstanding job in motivating students' participation - they truly enjoyed every single activity and had a blast. we truly appreciate your efforts, dedication and kindness. We will forever cherish memories of our time spent at Campo Aventura and the bond we developed with each one of you.

Our school have had the opportunity to take our students around the globe to places as far as Hong Kong and as close as France and Spain. However, we would like to note that undoubtedly our stay at Campo Aventura has been the best overseas experience thus far. In addition to an array of awesome outdoors activities led by great staff members, Campo Aventura's location, well-managed facilities, accommodations and high standards of hygiene contributes to making it an ideal place hwere children can experience adventure in a very safe and caring environment.

One of the students noted, "the higlight of my trip was exploring Portuguese culture and experience activities I've never done before such as surfing in the Atlantic Ocean." On hearing the great experience we have had in Portugal, our remaining students and faculty members are looking forwards to the next exhilarating experience Campo Aventura will provide and we hope to see you soon!

 Riverside School, Czech Republic

Campo Aventura was a superb location due to many aspects for our Culture Trip. To be helped, guided and assessed 24h a day make a big difference. Our counselors were enthusiastic, well prepared and hard working with our students. It was also such a convenience to be picked up and dropped out at the airport. The food at the camp was amazing and all our students enjoyed every single meal, specially the pizza night. For us was a great surprise to check that the snacks (evening and night) were included as well, that was fantastic. The dinning room was always looking its best, clean and ready to be serving as many meals as needed. Great Job on that!  The activities that the camp offers and the counselors got ready for us were appropriate, fun, well managed and interactive. I really liked the fact that there was always something to do, with no matter of the time that was, that was absolutely thrilling for us. As well, the trips that Campo Aventura got ready for us were very very good; our students enjoyed the trips to Sintra, Obidos, Peniche and Lisbon. They were safely conducted and well planned by the camp and by our counselors. 
The rooms for the students were fantastic, the kids could enjoy their stay and get to know the others much better, great! The rooms for the teachers were good as well, but personally the bed was a bit small for me, :) I am quite big. For me, if it is a trip that if the school wants, it will happen again

Summer Camp participant, Finland

I don't even know what to begin with. Food was amazing, camp had interesting buildings and campground was fascinating. I had loads of fun and I made new friends. My favourite activity was without a doubt high ropes. Boys wanted to challenge me almost in everything. It really built my confidence when I won them. Portugal is a very beautiful country, even if it can be hot. I loved the nature there and architecture was unique and fascinating with its own history. People were suprisingly open. More open and friendly than in Finland. I'd love to visit your country again! 

ISG Jubail, Saudi Arabia

The friendliness of everyone - the counselors and the cooks - all great people. Our students connected with them as well. Joana and Soraia did well in communicating with us and were firm in their expectations of the students. We always felt the students were in good hands when the Campo staff was leading an activity. Another highlight was having the ability to go off camp and into visiting Portugal. The trips to Obidos, to Lisbon, and to Caldas da Rainha were fun for everyone, especially when we come from Saudi Arabia, where being able to walk around and see things without the restrictions is very fun. The daily schedule worked out nicely with us having a morning and afternoon program, and there was plenty of down time to relax.

St. Julian's School,  Portugal

Once again, thank you very much for the organisation of the three day residential last week. Everyone who took part thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Please pass on our thanks to all the staff and monitors who worked so hard in making this possible. Best wishes

Tasis International School, Switzerland

Portugal was the students favourite element of the summer program. The chaperones had a hard time believing our luck because you took so much work off our plates. I must say, you exceeded our expectations with this program. The service projects you had set up were top drawer: hands on, engaging, fun, and meaningful. During their free time you offered diverse and fun activities to the students. You were tuned in to our needs, always flexible and ready to adapt to our needs. We were utterly impressed with the degree of supervision you provided, the attention to health and safety, and your excellent rapport with the children. On a personal level, I want to ask my granddaughter if she wants to attend your summer camp next year. The facilities at Campo are excellent and eminently suitable for children. The girls would have welcomed a bit more ventilation in their room, and the chaperones were a little challenged by the bunk beds, but that took very little away from our overall enjoyment of our stay. On my next visit I will bring earplugs to manage the volume of the music (kids love it loud, old teachers a little less). All the logistical arrangements and organisation were really impressive, from transportation to managing the food lines and use of the pool and cleaning of the campo. Our four star super chef (please do write me her name) and Ruben and you were just fabulous and all other staff members were very friendly. We were also very impressed to see the owners being so hands on. We loved the food, a true flavour of Portugal and your new pizza restaurant is a real hit as well. Please give our thanks and love to all who made ours such a successful stay. Best wishes and with many thanks

Dhahran High School, Saudi Arabia

The activities were great. The students very much enjoyed the challenge. The monitors were great. They were very attentive and willing to work with our group and make the experience the best it could be. Food: The food was great! Schedules: The schedules were fluid and provided options for change should we need it. General and global opinion from the group: A great experience for all!

Al Najah Private School, United Arab Emirates

The trip was good and the students had a wonderful time and experience. The tours were interesting/ they liked all the tours. The activities that were done inside the camp are really interesting and i think that the students had fun.

International Programs School, Saudi Arabia

We had a very enjoyable time - both students as well as the other teacher and myself! Camp activities were diverse and fun! And our girls also really enjoyed Lisbon and experiencing Portugal in general. I think the best part of the trip was the relationships that the girls built with Joanna and Carolina. They were AMAZING camp staff and exactly what the girls needed to guide them through a week in Portugal.Thank you again for everything - we will definitely keep your information to offer more trips there in coming years :)
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