First time at a Summer Camp?
A summer camp is much more than just some holiday time for the kids!
As parents, there are some things to consider to increase the opportunity for a unique and memorable experience for your child.
All the time your children spend with us is learning time!
Kids will explore a bigger world than the one they’re used to.
Share your will to "let them go"!
This "freedom" allows children to develop autonomy, being more aware of themselves, making new friends, developing new social skills, learning and sharing teamwork, being creative, and much more.  
Parents will also have the opportunity to take time for themselves, feeling refreshed when kids return home.
Prepare the summer camp together with your child
Decisions about the summer camp, how and when to go, pack, should be a shared task. This will give your child some maturity and responsibility.
If your child feels a part of the decision process, their chances of having a more positive experience will improve significantly.
Talk about your/their concerns
Some children, when approaching the first day of the summer camp, feel sad and scared of being away from their family.
Encourage your child to talk about these feelings, show that you trust him/her!
Have realistic expectations
A summer camp, as an experience that a kid will take for the rest of life, has high and low points. Not every moment will be filled with high points and amazing emotions. Encourage your child to have a reasonable and realistic view of the camp. Discuss the ups and downs that a child can experience.
Living in community for many days, even with 24h monitoring, does not prevent some conflicts, they also are part of the experience and growth.
Trust us, we know what we do!
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