Al Hekma International School, Qatar
On behalf of Al Hekma International School, and our Student Council, I wish to thank you for the outstanding job you did during our recent visit to Portugal. Our students and teachers had a lovely experience. Your team's welcoming, warmth and friendly attitude made us feel at home from the moment we set foot at Campo Aventura. Mr. Rodolfo and his staff members were always professional and effective in providing our students with a rich and fun experience with activities that engaged everyone. I would like to to highlight that under Joana's able supervision - Ana, Catarina, Carolina, Miguel and Ricardo - were a constant and motivating presence thourhgout our stay and they did an outstanding job in motivating students' participation - they truly enjoyed every single activity and had a blast. we truly appreciate your efforts, dedication and kindness. We will forever cherish memories of our time spent at Campo Aventura and the bond we developed with each one of you. Our school have had the opportunity to take our students around the globe to places as far as Hong Kong and as close as France and Spain. However, we would like to note that undoubtedly our stay at Campo Aventura has been the best overseas experience thus far. In addition to an array of awesome outdoors activities led by great staff members, Campo Aventura's location, well-managed facilities, accommodations and high standards of hygiene contributes to making it an ideal place hwere children can experience adventure in a very safe and caring environment. One of the students noted, "the higlight of my trip was exploring Portuguese culture and experience activities I've never done before such as surfing in the Atlantic Ocean." On hearing the great experience we have had in Portugal, our remaining students and faculty members are looking forwards to the next exhilarating experience Campo Aventura will provide and we hope to see you soon!
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