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Portugal was the students favourite element of the summer program. The chaperones had a hard time believing our luck because you took so much work off our plates. I must say, you exceeded our expectations with this program. The service projects you had set up were top drawer: hands on, engaging, fun, and meaningful. During their free time you offered diverse and fun activities to the students. You were tuned in to our needs, always flexible and ready to adapt to our needs. We were utterly impressed with the degree of supervision you provided, the attention to health and safety, and your excellent rapport with the children. On a personal level, I want to ask my granddaughter if she wants to attend your summer camp next year. The facilities at Campo are excellent and eminently suitable for children. The girls would have welcomed a bit more ventilation in their room, and the chaperones were a little challenged by the bunk beds, but that took very little away from our overall enjoyment of our stay. On my next visit I will bring earplugs to manage the volume of the music (kids love it loud, old teachers a little less). All the logistical arrangements and organisation were really impressive, from transportation to managing the food lines and use of the pool and cleaning of the campo. Our four star super chef (please do write me her name) and Ruben and you were just fabulous and all other staff members were very friendly. We were also very impressed to see the owners being so hands on. We loved the food, a true flavour of Portugal and your new pizza restaurant is a real hit as well. Please give our thanks and love to all who made ours such a successful stay. Best wishes and with many thanks
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