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Campo Aventura, Junior Resort was born from a dream in 1985. At first it was just an idea, but in 1998, when we found Quinta Moinho do Pagador, the dream slowly became real.

Because we believed, we made this dream bigger every year, improving and implementing new "rocks", new "walls".

This space is the dream of a family who makes this their way of life. Luís Reis is the face of this dream. Himself father of five children, he promotes between thousands of young people a philosophy of values and quality on which his project is based.

"All the parents who, after school, had the opportunity to play, explore, interact and discover, in the street, neighbourhood or in a garden near home, can say and guarantee that those were amazing times. Obviously we would all love to have had the tools and infrastructures that exist today. Explore and interact with the environment and with others is exactly what I am dedicated to."
Luís Reis

Today, Campo Aventura, Junior Resort is one of the three biggest spaces in the Iberian Peninsula, welcoming thousands of children and youngsters every year from all over the world.

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