Summer Camps 2021
At Campo Aventura, Junior Resort, Summer Camps are unique, fantastic and unforgettable!
Summer Camps are important for young people development, giving them the possibility to meet new friends, build new relationships, create their own autonomy and especially help them establish the basis for life.
There are several reasons why parents seek Campo Aventura, Portugal: to see their children become more independent, to "grow up", to gain maturity. At the end of the day, they just want to "cut the umbilical cord".
Also, it's during the school holidays that parents need to occupy their children / teens, so they look for a safe place, with outdoor activities, in order for them to experience and have contact with nature.
Break the routine and provide a set of new experiences is indicative of the importance of the camps and their benefits.
Registrations for 2020 are now available!
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