Carlos Vilas
Escola Básica 2,3 José Maria dos Santos
“Good afternoon, I would like to thank on behalf of my students and accompanying teachers for the past great moments over the weekend 27-29 June. I appreciate all the professionalism, friendliness and commitment that all would go well. I highlight the food, simply excellent, that already has been confirmed in the previous year and now this year. I thank the monitors: Timas, Alex, Nicole and Mafalda for providing all the amazing moments for us, that for some of the students will not be repeated. As a teacher, you’ll always have my preference in conducting this type of activity. I hope to continue to be able to provide these experiences to other students. Your’re certainly a reference in your branch, denoting the concern always improve and do not disregard the safety of participants. A very important and decisive aspect in choosing locations for these activities. Keep up your excellent work and to share with a large team of monitors, who make all this happen and provide smiles. Best Regards, Carlos Vilas”
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