Campo Aventura organizes different kinds of trips according to each school requirements and purposes.

Our monitors supervise all participants in a ratio 1:8-10, 24 hours/day. We welcome children from 6 to 19 years old, from all over the world, and school trips take place throughout the year!

Our programs are calculated for a minimum of 8 participants up to 18 years old. Activities and cost adjustments will be made according to the final number of participants and chosen program.

Campo Aventura activities promote wonderful moments and unique experiences during our participants stay. We guarantee to all our participants unforgettable and important days, that will remain forever in their lives.

In addition to all this, during our school programs, teachers are reunited with their students in a different environment, which promotes the growth of their relationship, though becoming stronger. It’s an excellent opportunity to join educational contents and fun/entertainment, while developing class and team spirit.

Flights are not included, as well as VISA or PASSPORT fees.

You can find Campo Aventura right in the centre of Portugal, in a small village called Olho Marinho, only:
45 Minutes from Lisbon:
5 Minutes from Óbidos;
10 minutes from the wonderful West Coast beaches;

In a ray of 20km, there are many other magnificent places of historical interest that will dazzle our clients.

Participants will be installed in their quarters, being divided according to their gender and age.
The rooms have capacity for 4, 6, 8 and 12 participants with individual cabinets for luggage placement.
If we are not fully booked (300 people) staff members will have their own individual room. Otherwise, teachers might share the same room. However, great part of the time, teachers have their own room.

Note: Our camp is not exclusive to one group.

Our meals are homemade,fresh, delicious and offering a wide range of choices. We have our main Restaurant, a Pizza and a Burger Restaurant too.

In the Restaurant there are always 2 main dishes: Vegetarian and Omnivore (either fish or meat). Apart from that, there is also a large variety of choice in the Cold Buffet.

As we deal with different participants from all over the world, our menus are fully adapted to each group. We try to follow their school menus so they don’t feel a great difference. Food restrictions are not a problem for us (this information must be sent to our office 15 days before the beginning of the trip). If you wish to receive a menu before the trip starts, please let us know.

Medication for chronic or sudden diseases; Raincoat, in case it rains; Boots, sneakers and flip-flops; Socks; Underwear; Sweatshirt; T-shirts (one per day); Sleeping bag (if camping is included in the program); Jeans or trousers; Shorts; Pyjamas; Swimming trunks/ suit; Beach towel; Old shoes and clothes that you do not mind getting dirty or damaged (in case speleology is included in the program); Flashlight/ torch; Toiletries (Towel, shampoo, soap, tooth brush and toothpaste, deodorant, brush, etc); Sunscreen and a hat


Important Note: Campo Aventura is not responsible for any damage or loss of belongings and advises the identification of all belongings brought by participants

Cell phones are not allowed during activities at Campo Aventura. Therefore, they are all collected by CA Monitors and returned to participants between 7 and 9pm. Parents can also contact their children by another cell phone (which will be handed over to the child that minute) or by the monitor in charge on that precise minute.

Alcohol, drugs and tobacco are totally forbidden;

Participants are not authorized to smoke during their stay in Campo Aventura.
It’s also prohibited to smoke in any place inside Campo Aventura.

Campo Aventura has a First Aid room open 24 hours a day. In addition, all monitors have first aid training and they always intervene when necessary.

In situations that require extra care, Campo Aventura goes to Caldas da Rainha Hospital, where the pediatric unit has truly earned our praise. Regarding any medication and / or diseases and disabilities, these should be mentioned before so we can always act in the most correct way, knowing all the necessary precautions.

Many conditions can interfere with the child’s behavior during their period in Campo Aventura. Let us know so we can help in any way possible (birth of a sibling, sleeping problems, anorexia, etc.). The information is confidential and treated with the most sensitivity.

More information

Tell us what you would like, and our sales department will help you with the booking process, just let us know please: